Mehran Aghabozorgi, Shichong Peng, Ke Li

APEX Lab, Simon Fraser University


We present Adaptive IMLE, a generative modeling approach that covers all the modes and produces high-quality results. Adaptive IMLE is capble of learning from a few samples from scratch without any auxiliary datasets.
We apply our method to the challenging task of few-shot unconditional image generation with as few as 100 data examples.

pretraining-free setting


Adaptive IMLE generates high-quality images:

Smooth and meaningful interpolation:

Adaptive IMLE trains fast and stably!

We compare Adaptive IMLE with recent GAN and Diffusion based models:

In the following figure, we can see how the Adaptive IMLE algorithm shrinks neighbourhoods around data points in a toy example. You can find a jupyter notebook that includes a basic implementation of Adaptive IMLE here.

Adaptive IMLE outperforms baselines on both image quality and mode coverage:


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